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South Bay Eco Adventures tours highlight the unique history, geography, wildlife and coastal landscapes of southern Port Phillip Bay. Your students will discover the rich history of the Rip and surrounding area, the changing coastal landscape, and the Bay’s present day flora and fauna. To learn more call us on 03 5258 4019.

We offer an innovative approach to teaching that combines elements of both learning and fun in a natural setting, including class field trips, school camp groups and personal development for both primary and secondary levels.

Due to the rich diversity of the attractions of southern Port Phillip Bay we are able to customise our trips to suit your curriculum requirements, meeting the needs of environmental education, relevant VCE units, and personal development including:

Level 10 Geography

Unit 2 Tourism – VCE Geography

Units 2, 3 and 4 of Outdoor and Environmental Studies

Units 2, 3 and 4 of VCE Environmental Science


The highlights of southern Port Phillip Bay we may visit:

  • Marine National Parks
  • Port Phillip Heads and the ancient Yarra River
  • South Channel Fort
  • Mud Islands – internationally recognised RAMSAR wetlands
  • Nepean Bay
  • Marine wildlife sanctuaries
  • Maritime History


For further information on how we can meet your educational needs, call us on 03 5258 4019.

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